Selling Tips

The preparation you put into getting your property ready for sale can be the difference between getting a standard price and a great price. 

Below is a guide of things to consider:


  • Always empty bins and keep them out of sight, if possible
  • Where possible, clean exterior windows
  • Clean out any visible storage and where applicable, remove any clutter or rubbish from around the exterior of the house
  • Finish any small painting jobs on the home or surrounding structures
  • Sweep paths, driveways and front entry
  • Put out a new doormat if needed
  • Ensure outdoor furniture is clean and update cushions if required
  • Make sure all gates work well (handles turn and lock smoothly)


  • To give a welcoming and spacious feel put away any unnecessary items
  • Ensure internal windows/glass/screens are clean, including mirrors
  • Wipe down window sills and clean out sliding door tracks
  • Steam clean carpeted areas, where possible
  • Clean any marks on internal walls
  • Paint or re-paint walls, if necessary
  • Ensure kitchen cook tops, benches and range hoods are wiped clean
  • Wash curtains/blinds, where required
  • Make sure all light globes and fittings are in working order
  • Ensure your house is clean and tidy
  • Remove any unnecessary furniture
  • Open windows and/or doors regularly to ensure good airflow
  • Fresh bed linen and matching towels add a luxurious feel
  • Ensure pet bowls and litter trays are put away


  • Always ensure that lawns are freshly cut and edged
  • Place fresh mulch on the garden beds
  • Trim garden hedges and any trees around windows and doors
  • Ensure garden hoses, tools and children’s toys are neat and tidy
  • Place additional plants to fill garden beds, where needed
  • Make sure all pools and spas are leaf free and clean


  • Try to be out of the house when buyers inspect as they will feel more comfortable
  • Make sure the house is at a comfortable temperature
  • Ensure we know what makes your house a home – explain why it has that ‘special feel’ for you. Point out its highlights. This will allow the photographer to capture the true feeling of the home
  • Styling a property can have incredible impact; consider hiring furniture or engaging the talents of an interior designer.
  • If you have a spa, turn on the jets
  • If you have a pool room or bar/sports area with a TV, turn it on with the volume down
  • Play a kids movie in a the media room, if applicable with the volume low
Play ambient background music to set the mood, turn off any commercial radio